New site: Rural Organizing Project

I recently completed a new website for Rural Organizing Project, otherwise known as ROP to the many rural Oregon groups and individuals who support their mission. In recent years I have also done print work pro-bono for their rural voter guide, STAND.

There was a technical twist in this one—it included moving the content from an neglected Drupal installation into a WordPress based site. Let’s just say moving 4 years of content from one CMS to another involves some serious palm-to-forehead moments, but with some Drupal-to-Wordpress database import scripts out there in the WordPress community, the broken link checker plugin and the search and replace kung-fu of the search regex plugin I got all the content, links and categories to show up in the new WordPress site.

The site runs on the Suffusion theme, which is a very underrated but powerful theme that includes many features that you may find on a premium theme. The folks at ROP wanted a minimal amount of design on their site, but I think they benefitted from the magazine-like presentation of their front page with a slideshow, and visual representation of categories. It was a blast working on this project.

Rural Organizing Project